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Atlanta Putting Greens by Southern Greens….Imagine a professionally designed artificial putting surface in the same stunning shade of green found at Augusta National – right in your own backyard! Beautifully manicured, complete with undulations, breaks, and bunkers. All strategically placed to simulate ideal natural course conditions. And best of all – no watering, mowing, or fertilizing is needed.

Atlanta Putting Greens
Backyard Putting Green

Southern Greens installs the best synthetic surface for your golf game and budget. Manufactured for durability and maximum performance, our sand-filled putting greens and tee line surfaces are used by professionals, amateurs and golf instructors worldwide. Whether you’re putting or chipping we recognize the most important aspect of golf is the short game. That’s why our greens are designed to produce results-oriented practice and reinforce the underlying mechanics of all facets of the game. Our turf has a high performance “true roll” characteristic that makes it a favorite among low handicappers and top-ranked teaching professionals. In addition to traditional outdoor putting greens, Southern Greens designs and installs indoor and modular-portable greens. Our experienced install team can also enhance aesthetics and impact by installing sand bunkers, chipping stations and fringe grass chosen from our array of indigenous and native grass turfs.

Atlanta Putting Greens
Atlanta Putting Greens bunker installation process photo
Atlanta Putting Greens
Almost Finished – only small details left!

Advantages of Southern Greens Putting Greens & Tee Lines – Atlanta Putting Greens

  • High performance putting greens for any setting
  • True natural roll
  • Realistic green speeds
  • Drastically improve your golf game
  • Used by PGA professionals, teachers, tour players, and numerous top rated facilities
  • Unmatched variety to fit any and every golfer
  • Beautiful lifelike appearance
  • Year-round fun for the whole family

Advantages of Southern Greens Tee Lines & Hitting Mats

  • Holds a real tee
  • Allows for a true natural swing
  • Provides a divot feel with no club bounce
  • Used by PGA professionals, teachers, tour players, and numerous top rated facilities
  • Drastically improve your golf game
  • Allows for play and practice year round
  • Saves your grass and your money
  • Available in mats and full tee lines

Who Uses Southern Greens Golf Turf?

A Synthetic grass is the ideal surface for today’s golfer. A great indoor or outdoor product for:

  • Golfers of any level 
  • Clubs
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Businesses

It’s What’s Underneath That Counts

Southern Greens installers understand and have mastered the latest techniques for insuring a high-quality error-free turf installation. Our specialty is efficiency with meticulous attention to detail, both above the putting surface and below. To insure proper drainage we first remove existing vegetation then install a base rock which is perfectly smoothed and compacted. Then a leveling layer of limestone fines which is, again smoothed and compacted. This creates breaks and undulations that correlate to the golfer’s skill level. The putting and fringe surface is then cut, shaped, and fastened down with 6” nails so that it doesn’t move. Finishing techniques include spreading sand, brushing it in, then rolling the grass to make it perform like a true bent grass putting green. Putting made perfect!

Atlanta Putting Greens base

Southern Greens Base work…. We’re all about that base!

Estimated Cost & Install Time

Southern Greens has made putting greens and golfing applications very affordable. Depending on the scope of the project the price per square foot will generally range from $10.00 to $20.00 per foot. Design, turf selection, location, climate, and terrain will influence the cost. Install time: 1-3 days. Our experienced crew will insure end-users are excited about the quality of their putting green and confident they will receive a great return on their investment.

The Art of Installation

Installation is a meticulous process and requires extreme attention to detail. Our experienced install team is equipped with the most advanced synthetic turf, state-of-the-art installation techniques, and innovative designs. We are committed to quality at the highest level and guarantee all our synthetic turf applications live up to the highest expectations. This is why we have experienced growth throughout the Atlanta Market every year since our beginning in 2009. Atlanta Putting Green

Atlanta Turf
Lawn Turf in Atlanta

Let’s Get Started

  1. Call us at 678-852-2571 or submit the information required in the CONTACT section of our website (www.AtlantaPuttingGreens.com). Free turf samples are available by request.
  2. A phone call and/or site visit helps us develop a thorough understanding of the scope and particular needs of each project. In return the customer receives an estimated cost and answers to any questions about installation, maintenance, drainage, etc. 
  3. Schedule project.
  4. Sign contract. A 50% deposit is standard before the project begins.
  5. Project begins. An experienced and dedicated install crew insures the site is kept clean and safe.
  6. Install time: 2-4 days typically.
  7. Client inspection, Q&A, and sign-off.
  8. Annual Maintenance contract is optional.

Did You Know?

Southern Greens installs more than putting greens. Our applications include pet runs, playgrounds, landscaping, and athletic fields located on the roof tops of urban skyscrapers. Each project is designed to optimize fun and maximum performance by its users.

Meet our Industry Leading Manufacturers: 

Synthetic Turf Resources and Field Turf Landscape – the 2 largest turf manufacturers in the world!

Their products and applications continue to grow in popularity world-wide. Both supply turf that comes with all the following advantages:

* Used world-wide by PGA professionals, teachers, tour players, and numerous top-rated facilities

* Unmatched variety of artificial surfaces designed to fit any environment

* Beautiful life-like appearance that requires no mowing, watering, weeding, or fertilizing

* Produces a true natural roll with realistic green speeds

* Safe, maintenance-free, high-performance and eco-friendly

* Fun for the whole family – Atlanta Putting Greens

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