Atlanta Pet Turf – Imagine how happy your pet would be if he/she could roll around on a lawn that is clean, soft, resistant to digging, and stays green year-round. Southern Greens (SG) specializes in putting greens, but pet turf installations have been increasing in popularity more and more every year. Pets love it! Owners dig it!

Pet Turf Fake Grass Atlanta

Before Southern Greens…

Pet Turf Fake Grass Atlanta

After Southern Greens!!!

Unfortunately, for many homeowners the most common culprit damaging lawns is the family pet(s). Dogs dig, leave their waste, and run in the same areas of the yard. As a result, brown/dead spots accumulate and the homeowner has an aesthetically unappealing and unusable lawn. It’s hard enough to get real grass to grow in Georgia red clay without your dog working against your best efforts. For homeowners whose pets spend a lot of time in the backyard subject to mud, lack of water, too much shade, or poor drainage – the #1 solution is artificial turf from Southern Greens (SG) for Atlanta pet turf.

Pet Turf Fake Grass

Atlanta Pet Turf…Made Easy!

Adults, kids, and pets of all kinds will love to play on a virtually indestructible and beautifully manicured, maintenance- free lawn, with no down time due to sprinklers, mowing, etc.  Drainage is never a problem; whether it’s coming from rain, the kid’s slip ‘n slide, or dog urine. SG has performed numerous pet turf installations for homeowners, veterinarians, and dog parks. Years of installation experience and pet-specific turf products results in the highest quality and most realistic synthetic grass lawn product for your pet.

Advantages for your Pet

•   Easier to keep clean and more sanitary than real grass.
•   Waste is simply swept up and the artificial turf is rinsed-off.
•   All artificial turf infill choices are resistant to bacterial growth and are non-toxic to pets.
•   Artificial turf feels softer on paws than dirt, concrete or real grass.

•   No more muddy areas. 

•   Pet waste does not stain or discolor artificial turf lawns.
•   Dogs can’t dig through synthetic grass.
•   Urine drains right through the artificial turf.

Pet turf

Save yourself time and money by eliminating the need to water, fertilize, mow, edge, aerate, and re-sod. Green, beautiful lawns are not out of reach whether you are a pet owner or not. Southern Greens makes synthetic grass a realistic, affordable, and popular solution for problem lawns. Your lawn is one of the most important factors impacting your home’s curb appeal.  If you feel frustrated with your natural grass lawn problems or just need improvements to the landscaping, Southern Greens has design options that will truly add value to your property.  

Southern Greens offers the best value and best installation in the South. Our trained, knowledgeable installers have performed 100’s of turf installations and we guarantee their workmanship.

Contact Southern Greens today to learn more about our specially designed artificial turf for dogs… Atlanta pet turf installed by the South’s premier turf installation company – Southern Greens!

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