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Atlanta Putting Greens (APG) serves Georgia and the Mid-South with the finest artificial grass for putting,

chipping, lawns, playgrounds, pet runs, and just about anything else you can have fun on!


Q: What types of synthetic turf surfacing do you sell and install?

A: Putting greens are our specialty. Everything else is pure fun.

* Putting Greens, Chipping, Bunkers

* Landscapes

* Playgrounds

* Pet Areas

* Athletic Fields

* Residential and Business

* Ask about going “indoor.”


Q: How “cool” is it to install artificial turf?

A: If you desire to spend more time practicing your short game and less time maintaining your lawn then artificial turf is for you. Synthetic turf putting greens and synthetic grass turf for residential and commercial properties has been and continues to be a rising trend in landscaping. Be cool. Go Green!


Q: What maintenance is required? A: Very little. The life and performance of your turf will be extended with the periodic use of a leaf blower and water hose. APG is available to perform routine maintenance every 12 to 18 months. We inspect, roll, and make any needed adjustments. Our turf does a great job of standing up to extreme weather conditions. Holding water is the highest concern regarding synthetic grass. The last thing anyone wants is mold or mildew growing in their turf. APG designs all putting greens to shed and drain water properly to keep this from ever happening. Our professional installation coupled with proper annual maintenance will guarantee a beautiful and responsive facility. Q: Will my beautiful shade of green fade over time? A: Our manufacturer, Synthetic Turf International, has been the industry leader since _____. Their high-quality products are designed to withstand heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions, including fluctuations in temperature. Our installations will hold the rich green color and texture of natural grass – for the long haul. STI products are UV resistant and come with an 8-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers fading. Q: What differentiates APG and Southern Greens from the competition?

A: Easy…

1. High quality turf products.

2. Experienced certified install crews.

3. Innovative design and install methodology.

4. Affordable pricing.

5. Increased # of installs every year since beginning in 2011.



Q: How long does it take to install? A: Square footage, terrain, weather, and design all influence the time it takes to install. Typically, 1-3 days. Q: What is the cost?

A: APG helps makes the design and install affordable. Price generally ranges from $____ to $____ per square foot. An investment in synthetic turf results in an increased value to property and a decreased expense in water, cutting, and fertilizing.


Q: What are the advantages of synthetic turf?


* 100% recyclable synthetic greens.

* Superior construction.

* Enjoy a soft, lush GREEN GRASS – year-round.

* Consistently high performance over time and use

* Produces natural ball roll

* Improved durability and safety

* Virtually maintenance free


Q: Do you customize?

A: Yes. Whether simple or elaborate, any facility can be uniquely customized to the customer’s vision and budget. Q: What makes APG turf “high performance?”

A: STI designs every synthetic product to respond like a true natural surface. Relentless research, testing and constant innovation results in world-wide acceptance of STI products. Q: What is your synthetic turf made of? A: A high quality polyethylene material allows the blades to bend and move just like natural grass. It’s the ideal replacement for your natural grass lawn. Kids love it. Pets can’t tell the difference. Everyone will have endless hours of fun on it. Q: Where can I install synthetic grass? A: Anywhere. Indoors. Outdoors. Home. Business. Especially those difficult areas requiring constant maintence due to poor drainage, mud, or lack of adequate sun. APG will effectively integrate any facility into the existing landscape. It’s a beautiful transformation. Check out our Gallery of Projects.


Q: Why should I choose Atlanta Putting Greens to install my Synthetic Grass?

A: Owner, Graham Radford has been installing synthetic grass for 5 years throughout the United States. Design and installation is a difficult and meticulous process. APG uses the most innovative installation techniques and the latest and most state-of-the-art synthetic grass available on the market today to transform your landscape into your own private “Dreamscape.”

Q: Is your product environmentally safe?

A: Yes. No watering is needed with any artificial turf. Also, no fertilizers are needed and greenhouse gasses are reduced due to not having a need to mow.


Q: Does synthetic grass get hot?

A: Synthetic grass does not have any natural cooling properties in it like live grass. So just like any dark colored surfaces, the turf will heat up with its environment. The great part about synthetic grass is a quick spray with the garden hose will cool the surface immediately.


Q: Who do I contact for a quote?

A: There are several ways to get in touch with us. You can submit an inquiry form under the ‘Contact Us’ tab on our website and a representative will contact you directly. If you prefer to speak with someone in person, you can contact us at 850-596-9190. You can also send an email to Graham@MySouthernGreens.com.


Q: Who are your customers?

A: Home and business owners, landscape contractors, local government, veterinarians, schools, golf courses, pet kennels, and many more. Are you ready to “Go Green” too?


Q: Is it OK to fake it?

A: Yes! Synthetic turf has come a long way since being installed in the Astro Dome back in the 60’s. APG is diversifying its uses and increasing its customers every year.


Q: How do I know what to order? Will your staff help in product selection and design?

A: We seek to understand your vision and needs for installing synthetic turf. Our goal is to simplify the process and get customers excited and confident about the possibilities of uniquely transforming the landscape of their home or business into their “dreamscape.”


Q: Do You Offer Indoor Golf Greens?

A: Yes. In addition to putting greens, APG offers indoor golf greens and tee area turfs. Suitable for garage, basement, and game room – or any place turf will fit.


Q: What about artificial pet turf?

A: Pet turf has been increasing in popularity among homeowners and vets since 2013. Our fake grass makes great kennel turf or dog park grass. Our Pet turf is scientifically designed for animals. It’s tough and stands up to pet waste, digging, scratching and biting.