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Atlanta Pet Turf

Atlanta Pet Turf

Atlanta Pet Turf


ABOLUTELY! Imagine how happy your pet would be if he/she could roll around on a lawn that is clean, soft, resistant to digging, and stays green year-round. Atlanta Putting Greens (APG) specializes in putting greens, but pet turf installations have been increasing in popularity more and more every year. Pets love it! Owners dig it!

Unfortunately, for many homeowners the most common culprit damaging lawns is the family pet(s). Dogs dig, leave their waste, and run in the same areas of the yard. As a result, brown/dead spots accumulate and the homeowner has an aesthetically unappealing and unusable lawn. It’s hard enough to get real grass to grow in Georgia red clay without your dog working against your best efforts. For homeowners whose pets spend a lot of time in the backyard subject to mud, lack of water, too much shade, or poor drainage – the #1 solution is artificial turf from Atlanta Putting Greens Atlanta Pet Turf Southern Greens Pet Turf(APG).

Adults, kids, and pets of all kinds will love to play on a virtually indestructible and beautifully manicured, maintenance- free lawn, with no down time due to sprinklers, mowing, etc. Drainage is never a problem; whether it’s coming from rain, the kid’s slip ‘n slide, or dog urine. APG has performed numerous pet turf installations for homeowners, veterinarians, and dog parks. Years of installation experience and pet-specific turf products results in the highest quality and most realistic synthetic grass lawn product for your pet.

Advantages for your Pet

• Easier to keep clean and more sanitary than real grass. • Waste is simply swept up and the artificial turf is rinsed-off. • All artificial turf infill choices are resistant to bacterial growth and are non-toxic to pets. • Artificial turf feels softer on paws than dirt, concrete or real grass.

• No more muddy areas.

• Pet waste does not stain or discolor artificial turf lawns. • Dogs can’t dig through synthetic grass. • Urine drains right through the artificial turf.

Atlanta Pet TurfSave yourself time and money by eliminating the need to water, fertilize, mow, edge, aerate, and re-sod. Green, beautiful lawns are not out of reach whether you are a pet owner or not. APG makes synthetic grass a realistic, affordable, and popular solution for problem lawns. Your lawn is one of the most important factors impacting your home’s curb appeal. If you feel frustrated with your natural grass lawn problems or just need improvements to the landscaping, APG has design options that will truly add value to your property.

Atlanta Putting Greens offers the best value and best installation in the Mid-South. Our trained, knowledgeable installers have performed 100’s of turf installations and guarantee their workmanship.

Contact us today at 404-220-9204 to learn more about our specially designed artificial turf for dogs.


Atlanta Pet Turf

Dr. Younker’s “Before Picture” Pet Turf

Atlanta PetTurf

After Pic of Same Pet Play Ares










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Atlanta Backyard Putting Greens

Atlanta Backyard Putting Greens


Atlanta Backyard PUtting GreenNot all Georgia soils are red, but the state is well-known for its abundance of red clay.

Not all of Atlanta Putting Greens (APG) synthetic turfs are green, but they are well-known for the greenness of their grass. Atlanta Putting Greens has a mission to make Georgia a greener place to live. In December 2015, owner Graham Radford began Atlanta Putting Greens as the newest division of Southern Greens, a Panama City, Florida-based installer of synthetic turf. Since 2011 Southern Greens has been designing and installing putting greens throughout the Mid-South. Increased demand throughout Atlanta, North Georgia, and up to Chattanooga prompted the expansion.


Atlanta backyard Putting Green

Turf Putting Green

Graham understands golf and knows the serious golfer is always searching for ways to improve his or her game. If this is you, then look no further than Atlanta Putting Greens. The highest quality turf on the market along with skilled teams of installers has resulted in an increased client base throughout the Mid-South. Whether it’s a simple green with flat putts or an advanced multi-tier green with both flat and breaking putts; leave it to APG to design a green that brings endless hours of year-round practice and fun. APG has built greens to satisfy all kinds of customers, from children learning the game to scratch golfers and everyone in between. No matter what the reason for your green you can rest easy knowing that your project will be completed correctly and in a timely manner.



Installation is a meticulous process and requires extreme attention to detail. Our experienced install team is equipped with the most advanced synthetic turf, state-of-the-art installation techniques, and innovative designs. We are committed to quality at the highest level and guarantee all our synthetic turf applications live up to the highest expectations. This is why we have experienced growth throughout the Mid-South every year since our beginning in 2011.



* Call Owner Graham Radford @ 404-220-9204 or respond to the CONTACT section to tell us your story.

* Schedule a site visit with Regional Sales Manager, Jim Hunter at Jim@MySouthernGreens.com to evaluate and measure the area.

* Discuss the best turf options, design features, drainage, maintenance, etc.

* Submit a quote, samples, and renderings.

* Schedule the install



1. Remove all existing vegetation.

2. Place gravel rock to create the all-important base layer.

3. Carefully “smooth” and compact the base layer.

4. Top the base layer by a leveling layer of limestone fines to create the prescribed breaks and undulations at agreed upon locations. This layer is smoothed and compacted to achieve optimal roll and drainage, then wetted and allowed to sit and harden overnight.

5. The synthetic putting surface is precisely measured, laid, cut, shaped, and glued.

6. The fringe turf is laid, cut, and neatly integrated into the existing landscape.

7. A precise gluing process helps achieve smooth seams. This insures no interference when the ball is rolling and perfect transition between turf rolls

8. All surfaces are securely fastened into place with nails and spikes which are completely undetectable by sight.

9. After all the turf is placed and secured the green is filled with a mix of silica sand and Envirofill, an antimicrobial and anti-allergenic acrylic coated silica sand. The turf is filled to the customer’s satisfaction (we can even talk to your local proshop to find out what the speed is of the greens you play on, and match it!)

10. The putting green is rolled with our patented rollers to make it respond like a true bent grass putting green.

11. Installs generally take 1-3 days.

Upon completion we shake the homeowners hand and stand behind our product one hundred percent. We give an eight to ten year product warranty depending on the different styles of turf and a one-year installation warranty.

If you are looking to get serious about your golf game or are just looking to add a fun element to your back yard give us a call today! Take a look at our gallery to see all the exciting options.

Atlanta Putting Greens – Putting birdies in your backyard!


Auburn AL putting Green

Residential Putting Green

atlanta putting greens in artificial turf






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Atlanta Artificial turf

Atlanta Artificial Turf




Backyards can be a huge issue when it comes to growing grass. Whether there is too much shade, poor soil, or dogs have trampled it for years; backyards can quickly become a money pit. In Georgia, many folks have a hard time getting grass to grow on the red clay. Whatever the reason your backyard needs more green – call Atlanta Putting Greens for a unique set of solutions. Our team can improve your outdoor environment with state-of-the-art artificial turf in just a couple of days.


The picture seen to the right is a great example of one Georgia business owner  who decided to Go Green in his backyard.

 Atlanta Artificial Turf



The transformation is incredible.

Atlanta Artificial TurfWe understand some homeowners are hesitant to replace their real grass lawns with an artificial turf grass. WHY? Because some folks just love the smell of fresh cut grass. Some actually enjoy mowing the grass and maintaining the surrounding plants. We admit that we love real grass too, but it takes time, money, and a lot of weekend energy to properly maintain a lawn. Synthetic turf lawns are a cost-effective alternative to natural sod grass. Your return on investment is typically accomplished within the warranty period of the artificial turf product. Synthetic turf grass lawns will dramatically reduce your water bill and possibly save you from installing a sprinkler system. You will also save on costs associated with a maintenance service. Most importantly – you can add value to your home with a perfectly manicured, low-maintenance lawn that leaves you with more time to do the things you really enjoy in life.

Atlanta Artificial TurfFor those residents who may have concerns about price or possibly the turf looking too “artificial” we welcome your calls. We are aware of some varieties of synthetic turf / artificial grass that “shine” and do not look very realistic. Be assured, our artificial turf products are as realistic looking and high-performing as it gets. Sending samples and performing site visits help build confidence in the customer’s mind about the advantages of “Going Green.”

Artificial/synthetic turf grass is a great choice, financially, environmentally, aesthetically, and logically. Once our Georgia clients saw their finished installation they knew they made the right choice.


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Synthetic Turf Atlanta

Synthetic Turf Atlanta, GA

Synthetic Turf Atlanta



Many people still remember the first Astroturf placed in the Astro Dome back in the 60’s. Artificial turf has been evolving since then and manufacturers have taken great strides toward creating a product that looks and feels almost identical to real grass. Atlanta Putting Greens (APG) believes the obvious advantages of artificial turf are its realistic looks, durability, warranty, and low levels of maintenance. The turf manufacturer for APG is Georgia-based Synthetic Turf International (STI) located in Dalton. Their industry-leading turf products are ideal for putting, chipping, lawns, playgrounds, pet runs, athletic fields, and just about anything else you can have fun on!

Atlanta Putting Greens is proud to be united with Synthetic Turf International and a part of the most complete dealer network in the industry today. STI is home to today’s visionaries in the synthetic turf industry. They consistently lead the field in research, development, innovation and experience. Their

Synthetic Turf Atlanta

Southern Greens Pet Turf

quality components coupled along with the experience and knowledge of the APG Team insures every install is done right from start to finish. Both APG and STI are committed to quality and are constantly improving to ensure every square inch of turf exceeds customer expectations.

STI is an industry leader in: • Landscape Projects • Safe and Durable Playgrounds • Pet Turf Systems • Synthetic Putting Greens • Synthetic Driving Ranges • Tee Lines • Engineering Indoor Sports Facilities

With warmer weather just around the corner, now is the perfect time to choose Atlanta Putting Greens for your next project.

Visit our Gallery for pictures of completed projects. Call us today and let Jim Hunter come out and give you a free estimate.

Synthetic Turf AtlantaExperience a greener world with Atlanta Putting Greens.



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Atlanta Putting Greens

Atlanta Putting Greens

Atlanta Putting Greens (APG) serves Georgia and the Mid-South with the finest artificial grass for putting,

chipping, lawns, playgrounds, pet runs, and just about anything else you can have fun on!

Atlanta Putting Green

Southern Greens putting green

Hi-Def Green

The Masters is an iconic Georgia golfing event the world looks forward to every Spring. Year-in and year-out the grandeur of Augusta National is punctuated with the awe-inspiring beauty of its course. Whether you see it in person or on TV their grass is undoubtedly the “greenest.” It’s like a carpet. A perfect radiant green with no blade out of place. Have you ever dreamed about achieving the same level of manicured “greenness” in your own backyard? Atlanta Putting Greens (APG) can not only install the Masters-like greenness, but they can re-create the hole and grass of your choosing. Even though installing the 13th hole of Augusta in your backyard is a dream for most people – we dare you to dream big! As the South’s premier installer of artificial turf putting greens we can take you from simple to elaborate. From #3 on your local course to #18 at Augusta. The good news is that we make it affordable. We believe our turf and installation process is the best in the Mid-South. Our customers are very satisfied and our business has increased every year since we began in 2011.

Atlanta Georgia Putting Greens

Atlanta Putting Greens

If you want a putting green that plays just like what the pros play – then look no further than APG. We design and install a completely customizable

putting green with undulations, ball breaks, and even a sand-filled bunker. No yard is too small or big to install a putting green. We can custom fit your putting green to your yard. Never has it been this easy to practice like the pros.

Tired of having to pay golf course fees? Tired of the expense of on-going yard maintenance? With an artificial turf putting green there is little to no maintenance required. You do not have to water, mow, or fertilize your artificial turf putting green. Our artificial turf putting greens are built to last. We use the highest quality turf products from Georgia-based manufacturer – Synthetic Turf International. Our specialty is a bent grass putting green, which delivers the most realistic putting you can find

Atlanta Putting Green

outside of a real grass putting green. Need a sample to see and touch? Click here.

Unlike Augusta, we allow running, phones, and cameras on our turf. Plus, your caddy does not have to wear a white jump suit. Best of all – our synthetic greens are designed for year-round play and endless hours of fun.

Give us a call and we will give you a free estimate at your home or business. Call us today – 404-220-9204.


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