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Atlanta Backyard Putting Greens

Atlanta Backyard Putting Greens


Atlanta Backyard PUtting GreenNot all Georgia soils are red, but the state is well-known for its abundance of red clay.

Not all of Atlanta Putting Greens (APG) synthetic turfs are green, but they are well-known for the greenness of their grass. Atlanta Putting Greens has a mission to make Georgia a greener place to live. In December 2015, owner Graham Radford began Atlanta Putting Greens as the newest division of Southern Greens, a Panama City, Florida-based installer of synthetic turf. Since 2011 Southern Greens has been designing and installing putting greens throughout the Mid-South. Increased demand throughout Atlanta, North Georgia, and up to Chattanooga prompted the expansion.


Atlanta backyard Putting Green

Turf Putting Green

Graham understands golf and knows the serious golfer is always searching for ways to improve his or her game. If this is you, then look no further than Atlanta Putting Greens. The highest quality turf on the market along with skilled teams of installers has resulted in an increased client base throughout the Mid-South. Whether it’s a simple green with flat putts or an advanced multi-tier green with both flat and breaking putts; leave it to APG to design a green that brings endless hours of year-round practice and fun. APG has built greens to satisfy all kinds of customers, from children learning the game to scratch golfers and everyone in between. No matter what the reason for your green you can rest easy knowing that your project will be completed correctly and in a timely manner.



Installation is a meticulous process and requires extreme attention to detail. Our experienced install team is equipped with the most advanced synthetic turf, state-of-the-art installation techniques, and innovative designs. We are committed to quality at the highest level and guarantee all our synthetic turf applications live up to the highest expectations. This is why we have experienced growth throughout the Mid-South every year since our beginning in 2011.



* Call Owner Graham Radford @ 404-220-9204 or respond to the CONTACT section to tell us your story.

* Schedule a site visit with Regional Sales Manager, Jim Hunter at Jim@MySouthernGreens.com to evaluate and measure the area.

* Discuss the best turf options, design features, drainage, maintenance, etc.

* Submit a quote, samples, and renderings.

* Schedule the install



1. Remove all existing vegetation.

2. Place gravel rock to create the all-important base layer.

3. Carefully “smooth” and compact the base layer.

4. Top the base layer by a leveling layer of limestone fines to create the prescribed breaks and undulations at agreed upon locations. This layer is smoothed and compacted to achieve optimal roll and drainage, then wetted and allowed to sit and harden overnight.

5. The synthetic putting surface is precisely measured, laid, cut, shaped, and glued.

6. The fringe turf is laid, cut, and neatly integrated into the existing landscape.

7. A precise gluing process helps achieve smooth seams. This insures no interference when the ball is rolling and perfect transition between turf rolls

8. All surfaces are securely fastened into place with nails and spikes which are completely undetectable by sight.

9. After all the turf is placed and secured the green is filled with a mix of silica sand and Envirofill, an antimicrobial and anti-allergenic acrylic coated silica sand. The turf is filled to the customer’s satisfaction (we can even talk to your local proshop to find out what the speed is of the greens you play on, and match it!)

10. The putting green is rolled with our patented rollers to make it respond like a true bent grass putting green.

11. Installs generally take 1-3 days.

Upon completion we shake the homeowners hand and stand behind our product one hundred percent. We give an eight to ten year product warranty depending on the different styles of turf and a one-year installation warranty.

If you are looking to get serious about your golf game or are just looking to add a fun element to your back yard give us a call today! Take a look at our gallery to see all the exciting options.

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