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Atlanta Artificial turf

Atlanta Artificial Turf




Backyards can be a huge issue when it comes to growing grass. Whether there is too much shade, poor soil, or dogs have trampled it for years; backyards can quickly become a money pit. In Georgia, many folks have a hard time getting grass to grow on the red clay. Whatever the reason your backyard needs more green – call Atlanta Putting Greens for a unique set of solutions. Our team can improve your outdoor environment with state-of-the-art artificial turf in just a couple of days.


The picture seen to the right is a great example of one Georgia business owner  who decided to Go Green in his backyard.

 Atlanta Artificial Turf



The transformation is incredible.

Atlanta Artificial TurfWe understand some homeowners are hesitant to replace their real grass lawns with an artificial turf grass. WHY? Because some folks just love the smell of fresh cut grass. Some actually enjoy mowing the grass and maintaining the surrounding plants. We admit that we love real grass too, but it takes time, money, and a lot of weekend energy to properly maintain a lawn. Synthetic turf lawns are a cost-effective alternative to natural sod grass. Your return on investment is typically accomplished within the warranty period of the artificial turf product. Synthetic turf grass lawns will dramatically reduce your water bill and possibly save you from installing a sprinkler system. You will also save on costs associated with a maintenance service. Most importantly – you can add value to your home with a perfectly manicured, low-maintenance lawn that leaves you with more time to do the things you really enjoy in life.

Atlanta Artificial TurfFor those residents who may have concerns about price or possibly the turf looking too “artificial” we welcome your calls. We are aware of some varieties of synthetic turf / artificial grass that “shine” and do not look very realistic. Be assured, our artificial turf products are as realistic looking and high-performing as it gets. Sending samples and performing site visits help build confidence in the customer’s mind about the advantages of “Going Green.”

Artificial/synthetic turf grass is a great choice, financially, environmentally, aesthetically, and logically. Once our Georgia clients saw their finished installation they knew they made the right choice.


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